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Big Changes Happen


Let me help you with yours.

Some people are really averse to change.  It is really hard to imagine things could be better.  Risks seems too overwhelming to think about.  What if it isn't worth it or it blows up in your face?


You are not satisfied in your relationship or you keep repeating the same patterns in your relationships? Whether it is romantic, familial, or your career- it feels like you can't quite figure out what needs to change. 

It doesn't feel like anyone knows the real you.  You have had a secret and you don't want to keep living inauthentically.  Maybe you are attracted to the same sex, cheated on someone, are constantly disappointed with your partner?  Maybe you drink too much, have sex too much or addicted to porn?

Maybe you are trying to have a baby and it is wayyyy harder than you thought.  Or the opposite, you are pregnant and you aren't sure you are ready for this!

I want to help you find what it is you want, and then help you get it. I want you to accept the real you, not the you you think people want you to be.

Let's find out what is stopping you from achieving your desires.  Emotions may be a part of what is stopping you.  Together, we will identify those core emotions and learn how to tolerate them.

We all have insecurities. Let's shed some of yours.

People who come to see me are often described as rational and intellectual.  They often have an artistic and creative side.  Is that you? 


Often, people who come to see me are struggling with having boundaries, feeling guilty a lot, can't let go of a current or former partner, or tend to fall for emotionally unavailable people.  Therapy with me helps them discover why they keep making the same choices, and provides them strength to make healthier decisions for themselves.


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