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About Me

I have been there. 
I know that therapy helps people because it helped me. Having a space to talk freely and openly is powerful.  Therapy allows you to make decisions, trust your self, and increases confidence.
When we don’t understand what we want in life, we can lose sight of our path. We may drink more, stay in relationships for far too long, and/or avoid relationships and people altogether.  I want to help with that.


I have experience with substance use/addiction, bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, chronic illness, pregnancy difficulties/loss, parenting, codependency, narcissistic wounds/injury, sexual assault, coming out/LGBTQ community, career changes, grief and family and relationship distress/difficulties.


I have done a lot of work around accepting and honoring differences. I am naturally inquisitive. I want to understand why you feel the way you do, just as much as I want to feel the feelings with you.
I develop strong relationships. I believe that our relationship has a lot to do with how you ‘feel better’.  My support, encouragement, and acceptance can help you feel more at ease and empowered to take actions that feel good and help you feel stronger. I will teach you how to communicate non- defensively and stay grounded throughout difficult conversations. 

Here is the thing though, I am not going to change you.  You are going to change you, and I am going to do my best to reflect those changes when I see them happen.
I believe in equality.  I acknowledge my privilege and try to keep informed on issues of sexism, racism, classism, etc.  I feel tremendous compassion for inequality and am an advocate for change. 
I received my Masters in Counseling from the California Institute of Integral Studies.  I spent two years training at the Pierce Street Integral Counseling Center. I spent one year training at Charles Drew Elementary in the Bayview, where I ran groups and provided individual therapy to K-5th graders. 

I received my BS from San Francisco State University, where I studied Health Education.  I interned for the Boys and Girls Club, where I developed my skills in educating kids and staff on healthy food choices.

I am trained in EMDR.  I am in group and individual consultation and believe the personal work of the therapist is one of the most helpful things to being a successful therapist to others.

EMAIL ME to schedule to talk.  


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