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Welcome, you just took a big step.

When we begin to look for a therapist, we acknowledge that part in ourselves that is ready for change, and is willing to ask for help.  

Who do I work with?

You are struggling with something TOUGH.


I have helped individuals who are experiencing huge emotions when it comes to relationship dissatisfaction, infidelity, coming out, family struggles, fertility, polyamory,  and career changes.

You look like you have it all together.


  People don't realize you are as sensitive as you are. You are often wondering what people think of you.  Maybe people call you shy or private. But, underneath it all, you may feel lonely, sad, or disconnected.

It is really hard to open up.

You like the idea of therapy, but actually letting someone in sounds tough.  You know you have things you need to talk about, but you want to be sure it will help.  Maybe it feels hard to make that investment in yourself.


I am committed to creating a safe space for anyone, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, class, national origin, religion, disability, and size.



I know how hard it is to ask for help, so I am glad you are here.


If you are contemplating or questioning what it would be like to talk to a therapist, then I encourage you to call or email me. 


Some may even consider it the hardest step towards real change in your life.  

Success! Message received.

Ashley Grant, LMFT #105584 

I provide Telehealth and have an office in  Petaluma, CA for in person sessions

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